The Fiume family has been producing metal accessories for the fashion sector since the late 1970s.
A passion, that for metal, which has been handed down by the founder for three generations, thanks to the collaboration with some of the fashion houses that have made the history of Made in Italy.

In the 80s the production focuses and specializes on accessories and components for leather goods and footwear providing the most illustrious names in Italian fashion such Mario Valentino, Campanile and the tailors of what was and is the most prestigious and wise Italian tailoring and artisan sector (Sartoria Borrelli, Kiton, Isaia, Sartoria Dalcuore)

Today, the evolution of the company has expanded the product categories thanks to long-term collaborations with brands from the Italian and French panorama with jewels, bracelets, necklaces and by investing in technological skills and the use of materials other than pure metal.

Currently, alongside the classic production for leather goods and footwear, we have a cutting-edge prototyping department able to satisfy accellerate timing with rapid prototyping.

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